I fell in love, again…

One week before I had met one singer from Florence. We had had amazing conversations and time spent together. And do not think, I forgot to write my story. Just I have one big problem – I fall in love too fast. And he is amazing. His voice, his eyes… His soul. On Saturday I […]

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Are you lesbian?

As it was written in my first post, when I began to study I met one girl. Our acquaintance was because of the broken key. That evening she helped me and after twenty minutes I was sitting in her room with a cup of tea and some biscuits. The girl’s name was Ieva. She had […]

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Am I bisexual?

How should I begin? All my life… All my 20 years I was thinking I am absolutely straight. And It is not because it is normal or something like that. My first love, who I have met being 9 years old, was one guy from my school. I still remember his light ginger and a […]

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